The ISO 9001:2000 

Leadership skills for Customer Satisfaction



The Challenge in ISO 9001:2000 is achieving client satisfaction. Only Consultants can lead the way.


In any organization, senior management has the responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality system. Achieving customer satisfaction is at its core and it requires much more than managerial processes. It requires managers at all levels to have a distinct set of leadership skills.


Give managers the 11 leadership skills and actions which will help them move from managers to leaders of customer satisfaction.


Show managers:


  • How to know what the customer expects
    1. In the field leadership
    2. Investigate and understand customer data
    3. Encourage upward communication
  • How to do what the customer requires
    1. Commitment to change
    2. Look for long term improvements
    3. Believe that anything is possible
  • How to get staff buy-in and make it happen
    1. Communicate the vision
    2. Clear roles descriptions
    3. Measure true performance
    4. Invoice your team
    5. Build trust

with presentation packet in cd. It includes also slides presentation
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Produced by Nicholas and Smith

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