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Introduction to the Total Quality Management (TQM)

Daily Program

The teaching methods that are used include lectures, practice (case studies), discussions and team work.

Introduction to the modern management systems and to the beneficial advantages of the Total Quality Administration of the private and public sectors. The trained Executives of Administration are advantageous towards others.

Duration: 2 afternoons by 17:00 till 21:30 



  • To understand the philosophy, the principles, and the method of implementation of the systems of Total Quality Management in an organization.
  • The development and understanding of the benefits that arise for any organization where the Total Quality Administration (T.Q.A.) is implemented.


After the completion of the program the trainees can:

  • Understand the general principles where the most modern systems of management are based (e.g. System for Quality Management (ISO 9001), Systems of Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Systems of Assurance of Informations (ISO 17799), Safety of Foods (HACCP), Code of Safe Management (ISM Code) etc.) as well as their relation with the approach of the Total Quality Administration.
  • Have the background for planning and implementing systems with an approach to Administration of Total Quality so that the organization has the expected benefits.
  • Understand the principles of the risk management as well as the management of business crisis.
  • Contribute to the planning, implementation and review of the processes with the required intermediate control points in order not to repose all the issues to the final control.
  • To have process and man oriented approach to the Administration.
  • Contribution to the planning and the development of the systems that will decrease the working cost/ cost for the production of the organization.

Ways of payment

1. Personal or company day check in the name: EUCAT SA (EKIT AVEE)

2. Deposit in the following bank accounts:

a. Alpha Bank, Account Number 102-00-232-0000-584
b. Peiraeus Bank, Account number 5019-000165-167
c. EUROBANK, Account Number 0026-0008-38-0200256624
d. National Bank, Account Number 115/470292-12

Daily Program

1st Day

  • Introduction to the Concept and to the Systems of Management.
  • Main Factors of the System Management.
  • Team Work
  • Prediction and Confrontation of business Crisis.
  • Team work


2nd Day

  • Principles of the Systems of Total Quality Management
  • Case Study
  • Analysis of the 14 Deming Points for the implementation of T.Q.A.



 Sub Categories
Auditors OHSAS 18001
• Introduction to the Total Quality Management
Design, Implementation and Auditing of ISO 17025 Management System
Auditors/Lead Auditors of Environmental Management ISO 14001/2004
Mandatory Training of Foods Operators for the Hygiene and Safety of Foods
Planning, Introduction & Audit of HACCP system
Internal Auditors ISO 9001
Auditors/Lead Auditors ISO 9001/2008


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