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Applied Research and Technological Development (R& D)


EUCAT SA ensures the continuous training and development of all its personnel through active participation in National and International Research and Development (R&D) programs.

This also enables EUCAT SA to provide state of the art technical support services in the following areas:


  • Industrial designing of new products.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Selection of materials and methods of production.
  • Characterization and mechanic behavior of materials and systems.
  • Manufacture of prototype and
  • validation of new products design, CE marking and product certification.

EUCAT SA is supported by collaborating national and international research centres, it is equipped with a complete computational centre equipped for design and analysis of products (CAD, F.E.A., Finite Differences).

Table1. EUCAT SA R& D Projects.

European Union DG JRC   Contract no. 14665-1998-12 F1PC ISP GR, “Development of Methodologies for the Experimental Activites Performed in the Aerosol Physics Sector and Performing Analysis based on this methodology”, acc Dec. 1998
European Union
  CRAFT, BRITE-EURAM project. No. SMS2-7706, “Novel Crack Sensor for Crack Growth Measurement in Fatigue and Fracture Testing” ,acc. April 1998.
European Union
  CRAFT, BRITE-EURAM project. No. BE S2-2168, “Investigation on Ceramic Cutting Tools for Carpet Manufacturing (CERACUT)’’, acc. April 1996. 1996 – 1998.
European Union
CDI CDI Development Fund
  Assesment Study on Technical Infrastracture of Textile in Aithiopia.1997
European Union BRITE-EURAM   BRITE-EURAM Concerted Action ES00294, “Resistance of Polymer Composites Against Impact”, acc. January 1994. 1994 – 1995
ΕΤΒΑ – ΜΕΝΤΩΡ   ΕΤΒΑ – RETEX Development Study in Quality Assurance Systems according to ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 9001-2 for the companies: BONOPLAST, ΠΑΛΑΠΛΑΣΤ, ΡΑΝΝΙΑ, ΚΟΛΒΛΑΝ ΑΕ 1994 – 1997
European Union BRITE-EURAM   BRITE-EURAM BR00193 Feasibility Study, “Novel Non-Intrusive Inspection Techniques for the Evaluation of Damage Tolerant Materials Used in Total Arthroplasties”, acc. November 1993. 1993 – 1994
EOMMEX – PRISMA   Development of Quality Systems Management according to ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 9001-2 for the companies: MOSTRO, ALCHIMICA 1994 – 1995
European Union ESPRIT   ESPRIT ES00293, “End User Realization of Parallel Applications (EUROPA)’’, acc. April 1993 renamed to: “Parallel Charme for User Technologies (PARACHUTE)’’, acc. Dec. 1993. 1993 – 1995
NATO SFS   SFS (Science for Stability) NATO, “Development of Control System for Optimized Cure of Polymer Matrix Composites”, acc. June 1992 1992 - 1993




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