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CE Marking



CE Marking, of an industrial product, implies that it has been designed and manufactured to function with safety and in accordance with the requirement of the relevant European Directives.

The (New Approach Directives) are based on the following general principles:


  1. Only products that satisfy the basic requirements of safety can be placed in the European market.
  2. Harmonized standards (standard EN), that have been published in the Official Journal of European Communities and are incorporated in national legislation, are considered to be admissible as basis for evaluation of products conformity to the corresponding basic requirements in Directives of New Approach.
  3. The implementation of Harmonized Standards or other technical specifications remains voluntary and the manufacturer is free to select any technical solution which ensures conformity to the basic requirements for safety.
  4. The manufacturers can select amongst different procedures, which are provided in the relevant Community Directive(s), for evaluating the conformity.



The Member states may not prohibit, limit or block the distribution of CE marked products within their territory, unless that concern that they have valid concern that the CE mark has not been properly implemented.


The manufaturer has the exclusive and final responsibility for product conformity to the relative Directives, regardless if he has designed, manufactured, or just distributes the product in the European market under his trade name.

Any damage caused to persons or private property by a product manufactured or imported in the EU fals under the relative Directive liability requirements and the manufacturer may face strict fines and other sanctions such as the withdrawl of his products from the market.

CE marking is mandatory and should be placed on each product sold into the European market.

EUCAT SA provides complete CE Marking support services.

Contact our Technical Department for your own application.





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