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The specification OHSAS 18001 and Greek Standard ELOT 1801, constitute standards of the system of management of Health and Safety in Work (YAE) and according to these, organizations of all kinds and size can be evaluated and be certified. The effective implementation of the standards renders the organisation capable to check the professional risk, to take the essential measures of safety, to inform and to educate suitably the personnel and generally minimise the risk for the workers and to improve the safety of the environment of work. It is based on the general principles of Standard ISO 9001, with special however reference in the requirements of management of YAE. It is implemented by all the enterprises and organisations, without regard to the number of personnel or the extent of object of their activities. All the requirements of standards can be incorporated in any System of Management YAE. The extent of imlementation and documentation, depends from factors as: 

  • The policy in the ΥΑΕ of the organization,
  • the nature of the activities,
  • the nature of the working dangers,
  • the complexity of the operations of the organization


The certification of a System ΥΑΕ, is not referred in the safety of the products. 

The company EUCAT SA with experience on the implementation of the Systems ΥΑΕ, in performance of optical, acoustic etc. other measurements of risk, as well as in the training of executives, consultants and auditors of systems YAE, provides reliable and technical completed services:

  • consultant of implementation of complete System of YAE,
  • consultant for incorporation of requirements of standards YAE in the existing system of organisation and operation of your organisation,
  • composition of the study for the risk of the tests,
  • software for the management system of your organization,
  • measurements for sound, lighting etc. other measurements for factors that disturb through reliable laboratories that are collaborated




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