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ΕΝ 45011

(ISO/IEC Guide 65)



EN 45011 specifies general requirements that a third-party operating and product certification system shall meet if it is to be recognized as competent and reliable.The certification of product, process or service, ensures that the product (or the process or the service) is complied with normative documents. Parameters of certification, can include matters of quantity, quality, safety, appropriateness for use etc. According to EN 45011 the certification system used by the certification body may include one or more of the follwoing, which could be coupled with production surveillance or assessment and surveillance of the suppliers quality system or both:



  1. type testing or examination,
  2. testing or inspection of samples taken from the market or from suppliers stock or from a combination of both,
  3. testing or inspection of every product or of a particular product, whether new or alreadty in use,
  4. batch testing or inspection,
  5. design appraisal.


The Accreditation Bodies use this Standard as basis for evaluation and accreditation of product certification bodies. In the case where the certification body carries out tests and/or calibrations including sampling then the body should operate a quality system that also meets the requirements of ISO 17025.



EUCAT SA has extensive experience in the organization and operation of product certification bodies with over 40 completed accreditation projects.

We provide reliable services:


  • for the implementation of Management Systems and accreditation to ΕΝ 45011,
  • for turn-key laboratory solution, for a wide range of application,
  • in house training.




Contact our experts for the
implementation of ΕΝ 45011 in your organization.


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