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AGRO 2-1 και 2-2



AGRO 2-1 and 2-2 standards are mainly implemented by agricultural exploitation companies that have to ensure the quality and the safety of their products while at the same time they respect the environment through their methodology of production.


An agricultural exploitation is formative for policy and also can set specific objectives taking into account:


  • the legal requirements
  • the effective specifications for the argicultural products
  • the information for the important environmental effects


AGRO 2-1 can be implemented in every agricultural exploitation that want:


  • to establish, to maintain and to improve a Complete Management System in agricultural production
  • to give the possibility of self-control to realization
  • to request certification
  • to show the aquisition
  • to perform self-assessment








 Sub Categories
• AGRO 2-1 and 2-2
European Directive 93/43/EEC
Food Hygiene - Basic Text
ISO 22000
Consultants for the Quality Management Systems ISO 10019


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