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EUCAT SA (European Center of Advanced Technology) was founded in 1990. We provide state of the art quality consulting services, project management, training and R&D services, high quality and reliable products and technical support.

Today, EUCAT SA is unique in scope, level of expertise and technical innovation and provides a variety of technical services and support to a wide range of industrial sectors and research centers within Europe.

The company is certified according to the International Standard ISO 9001 by the Greek Organization of Certification LETRINA A.E. (num. of cert. 358038/2003)

EUCAT SA has a contract of mutual collaboration with CMC INTERNATIONAL and through this company products and services are exported in sixteen (16) countries.


Trained Personnel

Many of EUCAT SA projects require an interdisciplinary team approach and our ability to provide the experts and facilities creates a unique opportunity for our clients. EUCAT SA professional staff possess advanced degrees ranging from engineering to computer sciences and physics, from well known academic institutions throughout U.S. and Europe.

Consulting Projects

Over 500 Industries, small & medium size enterprises, institutions, universities, public and private organizations such as NATIONAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY, Hellenic Organization for Standardization, Hellenic Aerospace Industry, MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS, THRACE PLASTICS, Hellenic Foreign Trade Board, MEDISPES, NASA, US NAVY, IBM have selected EUCAT SA as their consultant for their Quality Management System, their R&D or Product Design and Development needs.


Over 10000 professionals have received continuous training by EUCAT SA in the sector of Quality. Statistical data analysis of the Training Department show that the trainees are 100% satisfied and 56% repeat business.



Certifications and Aknowledgements

These certifications were assigned to EUCAT SA by National and International Organizations after assessment and audit of the installations and records of the company.


EUCAT SA: Certification for ISO 9OO1

letrina.jpg EUCAT SA is certified to ISO 9001 by the Greek Certification Organization Letrina S.A. (num. of cert. 358038).

The body LETRINA is accreditated by ESYD (num. of accr. 284(00)012).



Approved seminars by CMC Intl

cmcint.jpg All the training programs (and the nine types that EUCAT SA implements) are approved by CMC International (Great Britain).

Approval by EOMMEX A.M. I/35

EUCAT SA is approved, by EOMMEX, as body that provides consulting services in the sector of Quality Management (Num. of Reg. I /15) for the following sections:

  • System of Enterprises (Organizational Structure and Organizational Development).
  • Development and Support for the realization of developmental Interferences (Project Management, Program Management)
  • Marketing and Operational Communication (market research)
  • Human Resources (Training Programs)

  • Planning of Operational and Informative Systems (Study, assessment and general planning of systems and procedures). Systems of programming and inspection of production. Systems of supplies. Systems of supply management. Systems of inspection- quality assurance.




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